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All the benefits of weighted kegel balls with he added enjoyment of 7 different vibration levels from both the kegel balls and the remote.  

Pelvic floor muscles sometimes need to be tightened, and the perfect way to do this is with the use of weighted kegel (Ben Wa balls). The 7 different vibration levels that our vibrating kegel ball gives you a higher level of enjoyment.   

Add the vibrating kegel balls to your sex life and enjoy the vibrations through your vagina, as well as the intense vibrations the wireless remote control delivers. Place the remote on your most sensitive areas for a strong and enjoyable orgasm. 

No need to carry extra batteries with you, as our vibrating kegel balls are USB rechargeable. Simply connect to any USb charging device for uninterested enjoyment.  

Use with the desired amount of lubricant to make the experience more enjoyable. Clean up with a quality sex toy cleaner 


Product overview: 

  • 7 speed ball and remote vibration 
  • Smooth silicon construction 
  • Enjoy clitoral stimulation and vaginal at the same time 
  • Easy to clean up 
  • USB rechargable 

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