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Designed to restrict the movement of your submissive, our padded shoulder strap is designed for your comfort. Attach the ankle straps to and enable your partner to reach depth not normally achieved. Restrain your lover in front or behind for different pleasurable positions. Add the wrist straps and attach and clip to neck support to restraint your partners hands. This allows Limited movement of the hands which will give you full control of your love making. Hand and ankle cuff restraints are attached with stainless clips and can be removed quickly and easily if desired.

Adjustable strap length allow for comfortable positioning on leg straps and cuff fitment. The neck support is soft yet strong to give good support to your partners legs. 

Product overview:

  • Designed for a little bit of naughtiness in your bedroom.
  • Adjustable wrist and ankle cuffs.
  • Adjustable leg restraint length.

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